Marjorie King

Marjorie King

I’ve had a lifelong love for fitness but becoming a young mom, finishing college, and establishing my career caused me to put my dream on hold for a few years.

Once I was able to focus on my passion I started training consistently & truly fell in love with bodybuilding and pursued my personal training certification.

Spending every night in the gym I ended up meeting my now husband (we married this past June) who shares my love for fitness & bodybuilding as well. My son is now 16 and starting to show interest in the gym (makes me a proud mommy) and of course my adorable 6-year old stepson looks forward to the weekend gym daycare trips so fitness is a huge part of our family.

I work full-time as an Events Manager for California health plans but because fitness is such a huge part of our lives we created a home gym and I now train clients in the evenings and weekends because helping others and inspiring others to reach their goals is the most rewarding experience ever.

I am now training for my first figure competition (NPC Golden State this August) with FItBody Fusion. I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing team and to be coached by the most amazing woman (my inspiration) Jami DeBenard. So excited to see my dream become reality in 2016 & with so much love and support by my side!