Mary Peck

Mary Peck

Mary Peck lifts for Hassle Free Barbell Club as member and competitor in the United States of America Weightlifting Association.

On a daily basis, you can usually find Mary training upwards of ten times per week in the weight room at California State University, Sacramento.

Mary has a strong background in gymnastics, which has laid the foundation for her success in Olympic Weightlifting. Previously, Mary competed as a Level 10 gymnast, going on to the Division I level, competing in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) at Sacramento State.

As a gymnast in college she used both Snatch and Clean & Jerk in the weight room as a training tool to allow for enhanced performance on the gymnastics stage. It was in this time that Olympic lifting became Mary’s passion. Upon concluding her NCAA career, she began competing in the sport Olympic Weightlifting in April of 2012. Within four years, Mary has improved quickly.

Mary’s first competition was in May of 2012 where she completed a 55kg/121lbs Snatch and a 77kg/170lbs in Clean& Jerk (C&J) for a combined total of 132kg/290lbs. More recently, Mary competed in the International Trials session at the Arnold Weightlifting Championships in March 2015 and placed fourth overall. She completed a 90kg/198lbs Snatch and a 112kg/246lb Clean & Jerk. She earned a spot on the 2015 Grand Prix team, an Olympic qualification event, which took place in China in September 2015.

With this, Mary is the current record holder in the Pacific Weightlifting Association for the heaviest Clean & Jerk and Total ever lifted in competition by a female 63kg lifter. In practice, Mary’s best Snatch is 94kg/207lb and best C&J is 113kg/248lb. She is coached by the current Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach at Sacramento State, Tom DiStasio.