Melyssa Wacker

Melyssa Wacker

Place of birth: Buffalo, New York

Nickname: Mel

Height: 5’4

Sport: Soccer, Lacrosse and NPC figure competitor

College: Medaille College (Buffalo, NY)

Residence: Sacramento, CA

Instagram: Fitnessmel

Gym: 24-Hour Fitness Fulton & Hurley

Favorite Quote: “Fitness is to the body, what knowledge is to the mind” –Unknown


Melyssa grew up in Buffalo, New York and was active in sports, both High School and College. She currently plays soccer on a co-ed league.

Her senior year of high school she was selected to play in an All Western New York senior lacrosse game, and was honored with 1st Team.

During college Melyssa played soccer as a defender as a starter her freshmen year and mid fielder/Center starter for lacrosse. She held the school record in leading goals for lacrosse and was honored in 2009 as North Eastern All Conference First Team Lacrosse player.

In 2009, after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree, she packed up her car and took the four-day trip with her Dad and headed out to California, to start a new beginning. Landing over 3,000 miles away from home, in sunny Sacramento. Over the past seven years she has learned that in fitness with passion, dedication and discipline anything is possible. Now at 28 years old she is the healthiest and most fit she has ever been.

Growing up she had always had a love for fitness. She can recall a time when she was 12, when she got her Dad to do “8 Minute abs” with her in the living room. She enjoyed pushing her Dad to finish it with her. Her passion to be fit helped motivate the people around her at such a young age. Even to this day she still motivates her family from a far with phone calls, facebook posts and instagram pictures.

Mel KevIn 2011, she met her husband Kevin Wacker. Over the years, together they have dedicated their life to having a healthy lifestyle. She has realized that having a partner who also sees eye-to-eye with both lifting and eating right makes for one dynamic duo.

“We push each other every day. There are some days I just don’t want to go to the gym, but knowing my husband has my back, working out is much easier and fun.” She says. “Even being in shape from what people can see, I still have struggles with eating the right foods for my body, I’m not prefect.

A healthy life style isn’t easy, but with dedication, and goal setting, big or small you can achieve anything.” Melyssa works out at 24 Hour Fitness so if you happened to see her in the gym, Kevin is sure to be close by. Don’t be shy go and say “hi”.

Melyssa gives credit to her husband and coach Carol Olmsted for pushing her to enter her first figure competition at the L.A Fit expo in January 2016. With diet and workouts she was dedicated and determined to succeed at her new sport. Melyssa took home first place in her class, as well as over all. Which qualified her for Nationals as an all-natural competitor.

Her goals doesn’t just stop there, she has plans to continue to compete in other figure shows, and a goal of obtaining her pro card.

Melyssa enjoys sharing her passion for fitness with others around her. She understands the importance of clean eating, supplementation and workout regimen to be able to achieve overall health.

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Here is a list of Melyssa’s Favorites supplements. Found here at Total Nutrition:

-Pre-workout: BlackMarket Flavors: Blood Orange, Sexy On The Beach, & Passion Fruit.

-Amino: NutraOne

-Glutamine: NutraOne Flavor: Light Vanilla

-Protein: NutraOne (Whey)
Flavor: Caramel Cookie Crunch/ Chocolate Chip

Dymatize Elite (Casein) Flavor: Cinnamon Bun

Muscle Egg

-Energy/Recovery: Evogen Carnigen
Flavor: Watermelon, Cherry Lemonade,

Green Apple(+Caffeine)

-Topical Gel: Sweet Sweat (improves circulation and sweating during exercise)